AZURE residence

Azure Residence being an integral part of multifunctional Azure complex is a high standard elite residential place where “house” notion has a new meaning and every condition has been created for restful life.

Azerbaijan, Baku, Nobel avenue 15
(+ 994 50) 4 100 100 / (+ 994 12) 5 112 112


Favorable conditions

The residents will completely forget domestic problems. There are all favorable conditions for habitation, working and resting in the territory of the complex. Centralized ventilation and conditioning systems, uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water and its filtration, pools for drinkable and technical water resources, power generators, energy efficiency system, etc, are at disposal of the residents.



Azure Residence is located in the territory where historical center of Baku and White City are joining. It is very prestigious territory with a convenience way to any points of the city, and is located in the ecologically clean part in the center of megalopolis.

There is no need to go to suburb for having a rest after a hard work – the residents of the complex will forget the day’s tension at Azure Residence. A beautiful view of the Caspian Sea located just 100 meters far from the residence, clean air and moreover a favorable infrastructure creates optimal conditions for restful life. It should be noted that the territory of the complex is considered the safest territory of Baku city from seismological point of view.



If the main factor of residential quality at Azure Residence complex is convenient, protection and welfare are the other important components as well. All areas of the complex are securely protected.

All territory of the shopping center is safely protected. The internal and external safety systems equipped with the latest technical equipment and warning signals and video observation system operating with 24 per day guarantee safety in the territory.

Fire protection system, smoke detector, fire warning system and firefighting equipment has been installed in all apartments and areas of the Residence.

High-pressure water pumps considered for force-majeure circumstances are in good conditions are ready for operation within 24 hours per day.



The building of 28-storey residence has been equipped with panoramic load and passenger elevators manufactured by OTIS firm (USA) which is a leading one in the world.

Soundless, high-speed OTIS elevators are able to lift 13 people. These elevators equipped with conditioners, modern lighting devices and glasses have a beautiful appearance and are very reliable.

Standard option of OTIS elevator systems considers automated evacuation of the passengers – as in the force-majeure circumstances these elevators take the passengers immediately to the next floor.




AZURE complex as a project for its architecture and performance not only enhances the beauty of Baku, but firmly, wrote his name in the construction of our capital .

To ensure the comfort of the residents at the highest level, these services are provided below:
• Order and purchase tickets
• Postal and courier services
• Reservation of seats in the restaurant and food delivery
• Organization of special events and banquets
• Services purchases
• Babysitting
• Laundry and dry cleaning
• Car Rental
• Notary Service
• Taxi service



Azure Residence’s apartments – besides being an imagination of an ideal life at unique location is also a high status indicator. There are 2 apartments (3 and 4-room) and wide lift hall on each floor.

Big rooms, windows opening to the Caspian Sea and the city and being glazed from the floor to the ceiling create a special atmosphere in the apartments.

As for the interior, the designers of Yeni Hayat propose individual design versions meeting the taste and demands of the apartments’ owners.

The higher floors are considered for penthouses opening to the sea and city.




A beautiful landscape is a source of positive energy. There is a special micro-world in the territory of Azure Residence. Besides the protected yard opening to boulevard, the residents can enjoy terrace gardens existing on the roof of Azure Shopping Center. That garden is divided into various zones – besides exotic plants, rare trees and flowerbeds, a number of fountains there also exist walking alleys, children playground and summer café.